To set up your professional / corporate email, watch the video or read the following instructions:

Setting up your professional / corporate email

If you have purchased the email service with hosting (server) at Impreza, your email will already be configured,

however, if your hosting is different, you can follow this step by step to configure.

  1. On your client page go to the services option.
  2. Select your email to configure.
  3. You will now have two DNS Options to do the configuration, (Option 1 and Option 2).
  4. Enter domains and go to DNS Management.
  5. * For Impreza customers, just add the Option 1 DNS within DNS Management and you're done.
  6. For those who do not have the service on Impreza's servers, they should use all Option 2 DNS , respecting the fields within DNS Management (A, MX, TxT , etc ...).

After adding all DNS , your email will be up and running.

* It is not advisable to use the Option 1 DNS if your hosting is on a server other than Impreza.

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