Hello, here I'm going to show you how to Manage and add DNS to your Domain through Impreza Panel

  1. Inside of Impreza Panel, click on "Domains"
  2. Here click on the Domain you want to set up
  3. In the "Manage" tab, click on "DNS Management"
  4. Here you'll see all DNS options (A, AAAA, CNAME, DNSSEC, MX, NS, TXT, SRV and SOA)
  5. To edit them, just click on the DNS you want and you'll see the options
  6. Inside of it you can Click on "Edit" or "Delete"
  7. To add a new one, you can click on "Add a New DNS Record"
  8. Inside of "Hostname" box, you need to type the Host
  9. Then you'll need to type your Canonical Name

Here I'm going to show you how you find the Canonical Name

  1. Inside of Impreza Panel, go to your Services
  2. Click on your Active Service
  3. Go down until you find the "Point" options, here click on the Second one
  4. Then you'll be able to see all Canonical Domains, copy and paste in the "Canonical Name" box
  5. Done that, click on "Add Record" and done, your new DNS is installed
    Note: The DNS can take until 4hours of propagation, only after that time you'll be able to know if it's working
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